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Options - Calendar Tab

Options relating to your calendar alerts.

Calendar tab

"Alertable events" are events occurring today, or upcoming (as defined by you, see Calendar). Calendar alerts (popup only) are issued at startup, as well as at intervals during your browser session. You can set the interval here. Values are 0 (meaning only alert me at startup) through 8 hours. The default is 4 hours.

When a calendar alert is issued, there is an audible alarm (a zing sound) to catch your attention. You wouldn't be the first to find this sound annoying, so you can disable it here.

Have you ever received a slider alert popup window, only to have it disappear again before you've finished reading it? Your calendar alert may have quite a bit of info in it, so here is an option to add a Close button to the calendar slider alert (only for the one issued at startup). It remains open until you close it.

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