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Options - Miscellaneous Tab

Here are options undeserving of their own tabs.

Miscellaneous tab

Startup Options:
Select the function to perform automatically at startup.

Data Files Directory:
You can set the folder to contain your calendar events file and event log file here. The default location, which is set up when you install this add-on, is folder SimpleTimerClocks within your profile directory. If you would like to keep these files elsewhere, perhaps to share across profiles, click Browse... to search your local file system. The Reset Default button changes the directory back to the default location. Copy option is available when changing directory. If you do not choose Copy, it will attempt to set up empty files at the new location (but will not overwrite existing STC files, if any). Copy will clobber existing calendar events file and event log file in the new directory, if any.

Left-click on Icon Action:

Define the action to take when left-clicking on the alarm clock icon.


       Left-click on a countup/countdown display will pause (or resume the paused) function.
       You can disable this feature here so as not to disturb your count with accidental clicks.
          Pause/Resume will still function via the context menu.

Tooltip Options:
       Choose the type of tooltip to display. The "Full" option (default) will display the date, notifications pending,
       clocks, countdown timers,
the elapsed time of your last Count Up and the elapsed time of your current browser session.
       The others are self-explanatory
. Date is displayed in the language and format of your locale.

       Click the Apply button to see the effects of your choice immediately.

       If  your  tooltip  exceeds the height  of your screen,  hold  the  tooltip  for  a  couple  of  seconds  and  it  will
       be  rendered
again with some items replaced with a message "and others...".
       View the table in the appropriate dialog to see a complete listing.

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