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Options - Notifications Tab

Set the alarm(s) to receive when a timer (see Count Down and Notify Me At) completes.

Notifications tab

If you check "Enable audio notification", the dialog expands to allow you to choose an audio file to play when the timer completes. You can choose one of the preset audio files, or choose your own custom  file. Click on Browse (when Custom is selected) to search your file system. You can use a .wav file or (if you use Firefox 3.5 or better) an .ogg (Ogg Vorbis) file. The .wav file should not be more than a few seconds in duration to play reliably, but an .ogg file can be of any length. Convert your favorite .mp3 to .ogg format and give it a try!
You can preview the audio files by clicking on the listen icon beside each file.

You have two visual alert options, you can select both if you like but probably you will want only one.

Simulating a digital clock alarm: Select a very short custom file (maybe a beep of 1 second duration). Set a short interval to repeat the alarm, maybe 3 seconds (ie -3), and repeat up to some large number.

Tip: To repeat an .ogg file of any length just set the interval to repeat to some small number, eg. 1 second (-1).

If more than one timer expires, you will see multiple dialogs displayed, but only one repeating audio alarm for all of them. Closing a (the) dialog stops the audio alarm.

The completion time is displayed in the titlebar of the dialog.

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