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Options - Positioning Tab

Where to display the icon/timer/clock, as well as which side of the screen popup slider alerts come from.

Positioning tab

Display In:

You can display the icon/timer/clock in the statusbar (default) or toolbar. Statusbar drag and drop is supported.
Most themes (including the default) will show a vertical red line between statusbar panels, while dragging, to show where the drop will occur if you release the mouse at that time.

To use the toolbar display, select Toolbar here, then you must drag the SimpleClocks toolbar button (blue alarm clock) from the toolbar button palette to the toolbar. You can use the navigation or bookmarks toolbar. To open the palette, right-click the toolbar and select Customize...

Slider Alert:
The slider alert popup window normally slides up from the bottom-right corner of the screen, holds for a few seconds,
then slides
down again. Sometimes, particularly at startup, other add-ons may also issue a slider alert which interferes or covers up the much more important slider issued by this add-on :-) So you can set it to appear from the other side here.

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